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Patronat medialny


Gospodarz Forum

Gospodarz Forum


Discussion Panels

This year’s Forum will gather representatives of central and local governments, science, busines, NGO’s and media. There will be held 19 thematical panels with over 70 speakers. Main place of Forum, except Marine Hotel***** and Diune Hotel*****, will be a conference center build on a Kolobrzeg beach.

Common House

Mother Earth, as Saint Fracis once wrote „Feeds and protects us, gives diverse fruits with colorful flowers and weeds”. Also Saint John Paul II encouraged to global “ecological conversion”. During 3rd Ecological Forum there will be no lack of references to spiritual aspects of environmental protection, which will be discussed, amongst others in a inauguration lecture “Upbringing towards an alliance between humanity and environment”.

Air Pollution

Any kind of human activity, including production of energy and heat, Road transport Or agricurtular activity causes increase in air pollution. Exceeded standards affects health and comfort of life, ecosystems and economic processes. One of the first debates held in an air pollution theme will refer to climatic framework 2020 – 2030.

Waste Management

Forum will also relate to topics regard waste management: municipal, industrial, postconsumer, also in terms of listing and reporting. Discussions will be devoted to planning  waste management as well as  technologies of recycling. Discussed issues will also include ways to prevent of generating waste. Zero waste Philosophy, Circular Economy and incinerators are just some of topics to be covered.

Water Management

In the area of water management, issues of maintaining inland waterways, surface waters and anti-flood protection will be discussed. Ecological problems of Baltic sea, and international cooperation on boundary waters will be some of the topics covered with special attentio


Building is a trade that strongly impacts natural environment. Rules of architecting, selecting materials and using technology might create positive changes. Thanks to our cooperation with European Council of Engineers Chambers (ECEC) and Polish Chamber of Civil Engeneers, Forum will allow exchange of experiences and presenting world solutions in terms of building and environment.


One of the pillars of sustainable growth is an implementation of forestry Policies. Forum will cover topics of, amongst others National Forestry Program or rules of protection of areas in terms of Natura 2000 project. Under our cooperation with Polish Hunters Association some of topics will cover hunting plans, lists of protected species or periods of hunting animals.


Ecological education is one of he main elements in building an ecological awarness of socjety. Under our event there will be organized special Young Ecologist Forum, EKO Kolobrzeg Fair 2016, information points, educational paths and workshops.

EKO Kolobrzeg fair 2016

During fair, just as in years before we plan to welcome exhibitors from Poland, as well as from abroad. For three days they will present newest achievements and solutions, among others in a fields od renewable energy, municipal economy or eco-building.


Forum participants will have an opportunity to learn detailed offer of financing pro-ecological investment offered mostly by National and Voivodship Funds for Environmental Protection and Water Management and other institutions and companies representing financial sector.

Marshals Forum

Every Voivodshp in Polandhas different challenges regards environment protection and natural resources management. One of the lead topics during Marshals Forum will be territorial differnecies. Joined debate of all Marshals  from all Voivodships is also planned.


During event also will take place Polish-German Exchange Forum, allowing to compare experiences in terms of renewable energy sources, technologies and legal solutions. In terms of our cooperation with IHK Neubrandenburg and Polish-German House of Economy, representatives of German government and companies will be invited to Forum.


Polish Ecological Foundation is an organizer of countrywide contests, which will reveal EcoLeaders and reward them for applying good practices in field of ecology. Contest finale will take place on September 14th 2016 during an Evening Gala. During a ceremonial meeting we will hand statuettes in categories: City of the year, community of the year, technology of the year, man of the year, journalist of the year.

Evening Galas

Under 3rd Forum two Galas will be organized – on Sptember 14th and 15th. They will be attended by over 800 people, amongst whom will be participants and invited guests.  

Galas, which will take place in a banquette room situated on a Kolobrzeg Beach will be a great occasion to sum up previous debates and some lobby talks.

We Help

During Forum we entourage to joining charity action, and we always can count on our guests.

Under charity action „Nakreceni na EKOpomoc” during this year’s Forum, we will gather bottle caps. Income achieved from selling gathered caps will be used to fund rehabilitation stay for Gabrysia Groc, a protégée of Rehabilitional-Educational-Upbringing Facility (OREW) in Kolobrzeg

Finale of charity wil take place in the 1st day of Forum – 14.09.2016 at 17:00.